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Autumn in Bookham Commons

There are few sights as glorious as a woodland in autumn. The autumnal palate is a delight in this temperate climate of the British Isles. From burning copper to glowing amber, the result of each tree’s efforts to draw out from its leaves the last vestiges of nutrition, is a wonder of nature we watch every year and never grow tired of. Continue reading ‘Autumn in Bookham Commons’

Pathways opened up.

The woodland management team and the Bookham Commons volunteers have been hard at work opening up overgrown pathways. This has made walking along some of the internal network of tracks easier and allows for viewing into the undergrowth. Banks of nettles in the Station Copse have been lopped down to make way for wider paths to and from popular access points.  Continue reading ‘Pathways opened up.’

Damage to the Natural Play Area

One of the most loved features of the Bookham Commons is the natural playground. For families with young children the area has become a popular spot for fun-filled clambering and picnics and has added value to the woodland experience.
Continue reading ‘Damage to the Natural Play Area’

Summer in Bookham Commons

It’s summer time again in Bookham Commons woodland and an impressive display of foliage has burst forth under the influence of longer, lighter days and the warmer temperatures encouraging growth.
Continue reading ‘Summer in Bookham Commons’

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