Mammals on Bookham Commons

A number of wild mammals, of all shapes and sizes, live on the Commons – this includes lots of different bat species. You can also find cattle which roam the plains in the summer and help manage the landscape to support biodiversity.  The featured image is a Wood mouse, Apodemus Slyvaticus, a common woodland and grassland mammal. This mouse is nocturnal and is known to gather food in the Autumn which it buries in the ground for storage.

Roe Deer

Roe deer, Capreolus capreolus, is a native UK species found across the country. They can be found all year round!


Badgers, Meles meles, are expert foragers and often have large families. As nocturnal animals they may be hard to spot – the best chance of seeing them comes in the Summer.


Foxes, Vulpes vulpes, may be all too familiar due to their robust and bold nature. Urban foxes have become more accustomed to humans than those that live in natural landscapes.