Reptiles and Amphibians on Bookham Commons

Many different reptiles such as snakes and lizards live on Bookham Commons. All the three species of newts found in the UK can be seen on Bookham Common. The featured image is a Grass snake, Natrix natrix. They are the UK’s longest snake, found in wetlands and dry grasslands.

Common Toad

Common toads, scientifically named Bufo bufo, can live up to 4 years. They are a gardeners friend feeding on slugs and snails. Toads migrate to ponds, such as on the Commons, to breed and reproduce.

Common Lizard

The Common lizard, Zootoca vivipara,.can live up to 6 years. You could find these reptiles basking in the sunlight between March and October. 

Great Crested Newt

The Great Crested Newt is an Amphibian, and the largest of the three newts found in the UK. These creatures are protected by UK laws due to their range and abundance decline over the last 100 years.

Grass Snake

Grass snakes, Natrix helvetic, are the longest snake in the UK – they can live up to 25 years! Grass snakes can be found between the months of April and October in grasslands and wetlands.