The woodland management team and the Bookham Commons volunteers have been hard at work opening up overgrown pathways. This has made walking along some of the internal network of tracks easier and allows for viewing into the undergrowth. Banks of nettles in the Station Copse have been lopped down to make way for wider paths to and from popular access points. 

By the signs of it, the cattle are grazing in the central plain so be sure to keep dogs under control when walking through this area. In the Eastern Plain there is evidence of site clearing, banks of nettles, brambles and low-lying shrubs have been removed to open up the area for walking and wildlife viewing.

Tunnel path that leads to Lower Eastern Pond has been substantially widened particularly close to the pond where choking weeds have been taken out opening up access to the edge of the pond for wildlife. The area around the Natural Play Area has been opened up to allow easier access to the site from both directions.

Altogether the changes make for improved walking and wildlife viewing conditions without changing the essential character of the Bookham Commons we know and love.




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